Spiritual end-result

Most of the time, we are hovering between love and not love. In what all don't understand the age, also know to look for a comfortable, a home to return to, in the heart silent prayer.

The sea through the mountains and rivers, over the lake. In the crowd, looking and searching. After several pain, still not forget for a moment HKUE amec. Not true happiness, then, have been drifting.

In the multifarious world, there are too much, can not have too much. So, the heart of greed, cannot meet the so-called its lusts. As if I wanted a little comfort, a little bit in the spiritual sustenance. No matter of family love, friendship, or love. Just, now just understand, everything is too early, belong to own, slowly waiting for, just enough.

Turn, for an instant, forget a person is also very happy. Is long solitary to crash the collapse, lead to action. Eyes always disappointed to me, but fortunately, I know a good total hone to be bumpy. So I deliberately to meet this kind of difficult, even if now or a person, bear in mind the, joys and sorrows.

One season, not flowers. A, the rain has not stopped. The dream, and never wake up. Those little drops in the dream, quietly dead here. Waiting, clutching I do not know when dawn of hope. I would like to, someone waiting for me in the port, then smooth for me in the dark struggle left by the wound.

Some dream to an unwilling, after some words stay at the edge of the lips, say, eventually did not get to answer at that time. Some people, eventually become someone else's home. Has a person, also in silently waiting for you. Just, you know Dream beauty pro.

When to leave after the start, with Buddhism, breast, and smile to wave. Next, there is no goodbye, no blessing. Ears had echoed the past all the noisy, whisper, and the dialogue of silence.

One day, I with the pace of the flowing found in busy cities. Originally, I was looking for, in the near future, I will reach. In the deepest heart, waiting for your arrival.

Today, I finally know, so-called don't forget to beginner's mind, the party must always. Just you met the fate, there will always be met. Shouldn't meet, know nothing even exist.

Years, rotational time, the day becomes, fingertips gently across. Memories fade, fuzzy figure, who is to blame. A flourishing trees, flowers bloom in the most beautiful time, expectations may reverse fate. Wait, or choose another adventure. If meet early, are you willing to?

Soul in the deserted at world's end, if you see, please don't panic, it will take you to find all the roots. However, I always believe that all the met's shadow. You have met the soul, polished scarred. When you walk to the end of the world Dream beauty pro, what are you thinking about?

Then, still waiting. The sun falls, sitting in the courtyard, brew a cup of tea bud color, there are no endings in a dream. A star, across the boundless sky. Heart, still looking forward to the arrival of a person. Gradually, gradually, all look forward to cool in waiting.

A gust of wind blowing, the feeling that take not to go is still in the flood. Misty rain encounter paper umbrella in April, for it is only thoughts and memories. Through years of crack, I saw all the departure after turning without say goodbye, just take care of yourself.

In fact, now of I, really understand. Have been bothered to find home to return to me, but expect is the spiritual resonance, tired can dock harbour. But, haven't wait until know. Or, passing by. Even the smile before leaving.

So, I'm still waiting, still looking for, belong to own, the most beautiful home. May: returns to business, in the heart to open a purple tree.
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A woman's happiness is very simple

Figure what a woman's life

To love is nothing but a husband

Children of flowing with Dream beauty pro

The family harmony

Family peace health everything goes well


A woman's happiness is very simple

She doesn't need money accumulated

Just to decorate her face Dream beauty pro

Lining is likely to hurt her

She doesn't need to have more expensive clothes

It's just much a show off in front of ignorance

She needs the warmth of family

The husband's company

Can have their own life

Also want to happy family alone space

Out to what extent a man's life

Don't admit

The married man

Home, is almost to them

Outer injury will only be sheltered harbor

When out of high-spirited

The word home is a ear voice calls

Not as good as front stumbles

When the outer head-broken

The home will appear in their heart

Just think of home and people in and so on

A woman

In fact, HKUE ENG just want a simple pleasure

The husband to them well

A warm word

A warm smile

A casual in hand

A soft pleasant surprise

The meaning of love

Just like a green plant

Is to put each other in the heart

Always care

The implantation of the heart

I love my family

May joy in my house.
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And not to miss

Night is deep, the autumn wind gently, the moonlight is strong. That wave not to miss, gentle, gentle in my heart all wrapped around, far-away place of you, Dream beauty pro have a good time?

I always follow your shadow in the memory, often think of once youth frivolous, often think of reefs were kept a dream. In the moonlight, the beach, and let the breeze is blowing through, blow my hair, while allowing the waves gently pat my feet mix, wet my skirt, let, laughter flying through the night.

Always in such a scenario to pursue, to enjoy, if, when I can stick to the oath, perhaps, it will not be missing for more than twenty years struggling entangled. If, that is not my capricious, at sunset, we will walk on the seashore, on a rainy day, we will be at the window the rain, under the month, will make a pot of fragrant teas together slowly to taste, to play a tune, sing a song, the scene must be very happy, very romantic. Just such a scene in my mind, again and again repeat, let me drunk in the dream again and again, again and again to you.

All this, however, is just a dream, I do miss the fate, just like miss the flowers, missed as a result, how again? I know, this life, no longer have each other. But in my heart still have a hint of sadness and missing let me linger.

I like the author jia cuo to write a poem: "you read or not read me, my feeling is there, not to not to go." I often get drunk in his poem, Dream beauty pro always thinking, you see, or see me, I was there, not sad not pleased.

I spent more than 20 years of time to miss you, with more than a decade of time to find you, Buddha said: everything is all, all is the fate, a chance meeting, may looking back, destined to each other's life. Outstanding maybe we love, the search for more than 10 years, life of watch, will let me see you in the boundless huge crowd may look back and eye of the moments, my heart was touched you, in addition to have a surprise, there's still a little pain.

I used to pray, this life, if one day, can let me find you, I want to let you hold my hand, give me a warm hug, let I close my eyes, on your shoulders, smell your breath and enjoy a sweet happiness.

Whether you, as I also like this missing? If, once resentment I had left quite suddenly and had gone? Whether to have my tracks have been looking for? When every time I think of this, my heart will be a little bit of pain, thinking about thinking, tears will not obedient Dream beauty pro.

When in that day, I saw you in the crowd back, finally looking back at once you inadvertently doomed this life, we meet again.

Hope the flame was lit, eager to see your mood is disingenuous. Original thoughts have been unable to let my mood calm, and in this way, listen to music, miss you over and over again.

The distance of leaf shadows, leaves dancing rocking, I seemed to hear them whispering, the moonlight, you strong I strong. All say, love the deeper, the longer the love, so miss to you, whether it has been form the long shadow? I remember the author jia cuo wrote this poem: "the January, I moved all the tube, not to turn, only to touch your fingertips. That I, revolving around mountains turn water turn pagoda, HKUE ENG not for repairing the afterlife, just to meet with you on the way".

I often touched in his poem, miss, perhaps is a cup of bitter coffee, have a thick fragrance, sese also has a bitter taste. I drink coffee without sugar, even bitter, but still want to taste, the bitter sweet, like wisps of the thoughts I have for you, has a bitter taste, but the feeling is more strong.
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