Life is so

I don't know who we will meet, I will know who in the future. How many episodes my journey, I smile, who will be accompany me laugh, when I cry HKUE ENG, who accompanied me cry together, when we die, who will have to shed tears for me.

We have the turnoff for too much this lifetime. May be a rain, may be a snow, is probably a tornado. They are always trying to put us apart. In fact, life is a road, the universe gives us intersections and terminal, intersection is born that day, terminal is then, one day. Seems god arrange we too simple, but little imagine, in fact, we are in a maze, no, is in the midst of "the sea", then we are not "pearl". To start, we are a combative challenger, we've agreed together to reach the finish line.

For we are just beginning to accompany for, for the purpose of us is that haven't seen the mountain, we said in the mountains, I took you, you took me, culturelle at that time we haven't seen a tiger, a local image, please upload again we say, see the tiger, we can feign death, at that time we haven't seen the sea, and we say, see the sea, we can from the cliff diving, at that time we haven't seen shells, we say, see the shells, we give each other a string necklace. We say...

We said a lot, you said, this is the secret between us. That day, at some point all of a sudden you disappeared from my eyes, just a moment, people who are still alive, into the air. When I really reach out and just found that it was a dream. "Beautiful dream".

We are very proud that a lot of our journey is the existence of each other, actually... Standing on the same starting point people are more likely to go their separate ways, because as grew up, with the experience, we all think that is a beginner to the behavior of fools. Used to say that good what good fantasy, are all future implementation plan couldn't catch up with change.

Some people, no matter how long gone the same way, but is always about displacement difference before and after, can't get a plane. Some people, is just a white horse gap time, brief encounter. So, people begin to choose maybe beginners forced choice, on the way to the terminal, total want to discard something, because it's more convenient to look for a better fit to his own, and then have, initial became a stranger, he is near, it is awkward phase forget, he and his ever of I, I had him, and I now remember only name and shape and in the past culturelle, six words. We have been pick up has been lost. Feel the heart is not really a people can believe in. Think much, want too much. Much more concerns and thoughts.

"The most beautiful treasure in life, it is the past, while the poor only happy, wearing old clothes."
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The seventh season of ten performances

The Voice's Top 10 took the stage on Monday night to battle their way into the Top 8.

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Following the Top 12 eliminations, Team Adam Levine and Team Gwen Sefani have three contestants in the running while Team Blake Shelton and Team Pharrell Williams are already down to their last two. As the NBC series inches towards the finals, hair transplant eliminations are no longer team based, which means any Coach could see their contestants decimated down to one by time Tuesday's results show comes to an end.

For the Top 12 contestants, each will have the chance to be saved by the public's votes, by the Instant Save, or by gaining extra voter points by landing their latest song on the iTunes top 10.

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On Monday, Team Adam's Matt McAndrew opened the evening with his rendition of Coldplay's Fix You. The New Jersey native was then followed by Damien's performance of You & I and Chris Jamison's version of Mark Ronson's Uptown Funk!.

Team Gwen Stefani's competitors took on a British theme as Anita Antoinette sang Passanger's Let Her Go, Ryan Sill tried his hand at Muse's Starlight, culturelle and Taylor John Williams gave his rendition of The Beatles' Come Together.

Team Blake's Reagan James veered from the team's typical country selections when she performed Iggy Azalea's Fancy, but Craige Wayne Boyd brought it right back to Johnny Cash with I Walk the Line.

Lastly, Team Pharrell's Luke Wade performed Try a Little Tenderness and DaNica Shirey took on Whitney Houston's I Have Nothing electrical desk.

Find out more when The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.
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