See the future is a piece of grass green

Like sunny days, because it is always suitable for sentimental person darting thoughts. A person only lean on the window, holding a cup of green tea, wearing a pair of headphones, listening to the familiar and unfamiliar melody, let the wind gently brushed face, nu skin hong kong let your thoughts in the sky fly out of the window.

Erase the memory of the dust, ever to emerge in the eyes of all, whether it's the elegance of the fog, mist in the rain, or the warm of the sun, or a gentle breeze. Inadvertently, the mouth cape have bend the arc.

That year, although it was very young, though young, the youth has lost, how many times have, the aperture of strayed into a dream. There, rowing and canoe under the waves, far staring at it always meant, but pond lu can only watched you fang dust away. Maybe, the world's most remote distance is not life and death, but the distance between the heart and heart. That year, snow stirred up cold plum the lonely heart and was turned away, nu skin leaving only the cold plum ground of tenderness and sorrow. Dream is the most easy to wake up, but that a glimpse of the scene is engraved in the heart...

At that time, we are also very young, with a full blood, set foot on the journey of life. At that time, no matter the front is a raging river, steep mountains, or the land of the thorns, and always high-spirited, opine, encouraging words, to win. Now evening what evening, the scenery along the way, meet to know each other mutually leave again, have a, have a little lonely. However, we all grew up, learned to cool, learned to see Wan Shangong times.

Refers to the quicksand, between blurs the who's time? Who did the flute in the wind, the old face?

Youth always inadvertently gone with the wind, passing in the corner of the campus, the north wind roar, dies in the long, long and lonely rain lane hong thai travel. Youth is always lost to time, once the oath of the ages. We have changed, such as the mountain slopes of the stones, are among the top touch wear off the fangs. Our journey of life, will have a choice.

The past can not pass all the past, finishing up the messy thoughts, brave to face life. Step to the new time step to see the future is a piece of grass green.
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Electronic cigarette standard

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is working to develop strong product standards for electronic cigarettes and other nicotine delivery devices that will protect public health and enable the agency to withstand legal challenges, Ergonomic chair its tobacco chief said on Wednesday.

Mitchell Zeller, director of the FDA's Center for Tobacco Products, said the agency is exploring potential product standards in the areas of addiction, toxicity and product appeal as it prepares to gain regulatory authority over electronic cigarettes and other nicotine-delivery devices.

The establishment of product standards is one of five priorities for the division over the next few years, Zeller said, outlining them publicly in the most comprehensive manner to date.

They include putting in place regulations for approving new products and monitoring them after they reach the market freshwater pearl earrings, ensuring that the agency has in place a strong compliance and law enforcement presence in every state, public education and the formulation of an FDA-wide nicotine policy that recognizes some products are less risky than others.

The agency is formulating product standards at a time when the benefits and risks of e-cigarettes remain the subject of intense debate.

"It's not the nicotine that kills half of all long-term smokers, its the delivery mechanism," he said at a lunch in Washington, D.C. organized by the American Legacy Foundation, an anti-tobacco group.

. "We have to recognize some of these realities and figure out how they can impact regulatory policy.".

The 2009 Tobacco Control Act gives the FDA authority, as long as it has scientific evidence to support the policy, Direct Subsidy School to ban or restrict ingredients and compounds in a particular product, though the agency will need to issue a new rule to act on its authority.

In April the FDA proposed rules that would ban the sale of e-cigarettes to people under the age of 18 and subject the $2 billion industry to federal regulation for the first time. The proposal would not restrict flavored products, online sales or advertising, disappointing public health advocates who argue they attract children.

Zeller said that while it is never a good thing for a young person to inhale nicotine, further research is needed to assess the net impact of e-cigarettes on the overall health of the population and that it is important to have "an open mind" about the potential benefits of emerging technologies.

"We share the concerns about the marketing of e-cigarettes to kids," he said, "We share the concerns that flavors certainly look like they would be appealing to kids; but let's not lose sight of the bigger picture here--tobacco use remains the leading cause of preventable death and disease principally because of the ongoing use of products that burn tobacco nuskin hk.

The FDA is also considering regulating menthol, but Zeller said he could not estimate how long it will take to formulate a proposal. The agency received 176,000 comments from the public on the matter.

"We are seriously considering all the comments as we consider our regulatory options," he said. "We can only go as far as the science will take us."
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USA law firm

A U.S.-based law firm said it expects to represent families of more than half of the passengers on board the missing Malaysian Airlines flight in a lawsuit against the carriers and Boeing Co , nuskin hk alleging the plane had crashed due to mechanical failure.

The Beijing-bound flight MH370 disappeared more than two weeks ago, and was announced to have crashed into the remote southern Indian ocean with all 239 on board presumed to have died.

Chicago-based Ribbeck Law has filed a petition for discovery against Boeing Co, manufacturer of the aircraft, and Malaysian Airlines, operator of the plane in a Cook County, Illinois Circuit Court. The petition is meant to secure evidence of possible design and manufacturing defects that may have contributed to the disaster, the law firm said.

Though both Boeing and Malaysian Airlines were named in the filing, the focus of the case will be on Boeing, Ribbeck's lawyers told reporters, Secondary School as they believe that the incident was caused by mechanical failure.

"Our theory of the case is that there was a failure of the equipment in the cockpit that may have caused a fire that rendered the crew unconscious, or perhaps because of the defects in the fuselage which had been reported before there was some loss in the cabin pressure that also made the pilot and co-pilot unconscious," Monica Kelly, head of Global Aviation Litigation at Ribbeck Law, told reporters.

"That plane was actually a ghost plane for several hours until it ran out of fuel."

Kelly said the conclusion was made based on experience on previous incidents, dismissing the possibilities of hijacking or pilot suicide.

The lawsuit, soon to be filed, would seek millions of dollars of compensation for each passenger and ask Boeing to repair its entire 777 fleet.

The law firm said it expected to represent families of more than 50 percent of the passengers on board the flight, but declined to give details on how many families have sought their representation in the case nu skin.

The court filing was not immediately available.

The petition was filed on behalf of Januari Siregar, whose son was on the flight. Siregar, a lawyer, had known Ribbeck's staff when working on a case involving Garuda Indonesia a few years earlier, Ribbeck said.

Additional pleadings will be filed in the next few days against other potential defendants that designed or manufactured component parts of the aircraft that may have failed, Kelly said.

Ribbeck is also asking that U.S. scientists be included in the search for wreckage and bodies, the firm said.

A spokesman for Boeing declined comment. A spokesman for Malaysian Airlines could not immediately be reached for comment Combination House.

Ribbeck is also representing 115 passengers in the crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 in San Francisco in July.

Ribbeck only plans to file the case in the United States.
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