Talk about smile - smile on this matter

Smile long wanted to write about this matter, can never find inspiration. Smile seems to be a unique symbol of mankind, however, as the changes of The Times, smile is also becoming very extravagant Hair Transplant Surgery. It is often said that a friendly smile can melt the iceberg of the heart. I think so, especially in material more and more outstanding in the society, smile is no longer made by heart.

Professional smile, smile service window which go to? Once impressed in guangxi nanning travel in a high-speed exit toll station, a drive my friends call me specially pay attention to the window staff smile at that time I thought to myself: what's the surprise? Not very basic manners? But, I haven't seen such a warm smile. This period of time, because the practice work and school, had to run back and forth, both often can see a lot of the station ticket window of the shop assistant, they not only have no smile on her face, even for travelers to speak of a basic etiquette also disappeared without a trace. As we all know, the station is a short post, passengers in a hurry, but that is because between it and can reflect the real rare changes in temperature.

Isn't it? Our high rhythm of life, hong thai travel repressed people inner true feelings, we often forget the smile, forgot to give yourself a soothing mood. Maybe work is very tedious, maybe on the jobs you're tired, but, why not in the mood to take the job? Man is always a little emotion, at the same time, people also have self-control, believe that the heart to do a good job in every job. Now recall that a rare smile, I feel really smile has gone from us. Whether it is for the professional requirements, or from the heart, but she did, though the trip to your point, but also make people satisfied nu skin hong kong, because we won something more precious than money - smile.

Now network, more and more media such as television has been held in the "smile" looking for city, isn't this exactly reflects the city's lack of smile? To strangers is relatively need passion, or claptrap hangs high? Help each other, the unity and friendship among the traditional moral values, in this age still apply? Still leaves us only a question mark nu skin.

Smile may be a simple facial movements, but, it is a test problem. Want to smile without struggling to find, because was hanging on your smile on my face.
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Life secure, upstream against heart

Perhaps. You can not remember.
Time flows, an inverse of the mad chaos of the flood level.
Case. When no one remembered always.
A sea of ​​peace and prosperity, not Kuwata sea.
I do bustling yellow water, eyes wild flattened tide culturelle.

Too far from shore, footsteps messy.
Afraid foot fall at awakened.
A cold cover residual footer. Cracked shell but not the heart.

This life peacefully. Walk miles every day.
That fell down to sleep, unable to traceability.
Look at someone else's house, you are drawing our map.
No one can deny.
No one can confirm adjustable desk.
Two years after a year for three years, back to that point.
Your heart-warming smile soft words.

With the wrist on the table.
Time ticking. Tick. Tick.
Timeline unchanged, all "points" Consumers already obliterate in history.
But bear in mind, like a camera.
Inappropriate in the most appropriate time, you are forever engraved pure shadow.

Carry in a pocket wallet electrical desk.
My dream is never discarded.
In the closest distance between the skin.
I listen to the rest of my life soft words.
In each winter, there is always an eye.
Let me wait until the sunshine island, Hongxia like blood.

Do not bother, I can give is the last tender.
Quietly, came to the plains you belong culturelle.
Unintentional concept scenery.
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Snowy predicament, had similar whitehead

That night, snow, is forced to admit thoughts.

Always in a hurry the pace was removed years, then quietly walked with you once forget.

Overheard saying: I am lonely in the past Necklace online, that you would not be with my loss. If you did not have you, if you never had those simple but profound heart and romantic in me once, maybe, maybe, we will not abandon the two crippled for the rest of the new homeless youth in.

2012 third snow, beautiful beautiful. Large tracts of snow falling across the street orange lights. A person walking aimlessly on the road office chair, looked up at the most beautiful snow this memory had ever seen. Looking suddenly looked sad to be added.

In fact, past beautiful, beautiful hidden until today, I regarded it very carefully, not easily lifted to the people. And everything about you is rather deep heart of memories. Favorite when two people walking in the sky Xiangxie snow, persistent repetition of words that went bald. The most read time, until the shoulders off the thick snow, still standing in the snow to hear you whisper moist. The most painful time, a person feeling it's cold, and makes memories every time there is about you. Even if you are no longer attached to hear the news from scattered fragments, but still think you inadvertently.

Fourth life, you carved traces every word clear, until every punctuation mark has your temperature. Already do not want to forget, just because nothing, no matter how hard we, how will forget his part of it? Efforts to love, are not as accustomed to love forever. Until I realized that we really have gradually fade out each other's lives, still can not believe that we will one day be forgotten. Because, in my helpless admit, you say, you are.

However, we still hesitate to leave.

Sometimes think, why two dedicated people ultimately can not be together? Today, only one person watching the scene come to realize that, because of persistent, refused to abandon a crippled because of love, because all care about, because you do not want ever watched a beautiful scattered into irretrievably broken, it will invariably choose the sake of, so ... the reality in front of dreams.

When not together, worried, if together, will certainly lose a friend for. Is not, it is because we already know that the so-called love office furniture, and finally some day, silent separation.

Fortunately ... our end also so romantic, so calm, so no regrets. Today we are still moving in such a perfect understanding, not willing that embarrassed even ending endless.

Best years, the share of the beauty of life with you.

The most simple of the season, and you believe that together over the true meaning of love.

The most romantic youth in, and you go over the ends of the earth together.

This really has been very good. In our wild rebellious and unruly youth, we vigorous cried, laughed, loved, pain too. ... Until today, a last resort, I will remember the eternal life, that year you how angry fresh clothes horse, and that's how I was shining in gentle. I've seen you accompany youth in the most beautiful scenery, is your most brilliant smile in all the impossible will spend persistent.

Has no pain, no blame, no hate, no regret.

Thank you, in my dismay when I know you do not have a final meaning, and also let me know how to love to not love really means.

Thank you, let each other deeply in the heart. Since then, no longer able to really forget.
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