Send gifts to sell products

Free lectures, small gifts, and then at the sets, take some quality problems of products sold. Such a phishing marketing means not "new", but let some old friends again deceived. Yesterday, who lives in Nanling County town street near the foot of the Wang call our news hotline, personal experience to expose the swindlers "tricks", hoping that the elderly alert hk gift and premium.

Listen to a lecture of elderly people can receive small gifts

According to Mr. Wang introduction, in May 3rd, a group of people in a hotel where the Bay opened a love lectures, lectures in the process, they distribute free wash basin, bowl and chopsticks like a small gift to the audience. See the lecture can get free gifts, many people that day to participate in lectures, and basically are old people. Mr. Wang told reporters, this group of people saw the object, to attend a lecture on older elderly, paid for the lecture tickets, tickets can not only continue to listen to the old man with free lectures, but also can get a free gift hk premium gifts.

In May 4th, got the lecture tickets "lucky" are once again in the lecture process for free such as chopsticks, daily necessities. But this time, the group also started a "by the gifts to sell", the first step to start the implementation of Huyou consumption of the elderly.

Sold the products, the swindlers seek safety in flight

In May 5th, the group launched a soybean milk machine, electric kettle, a number of household electrical appliances in the lecture. They talk to the old propaganda, these products with special effects, treatment of hypertension and other diseases, but because the product quantity is limited, want to buy the old people, only need to continue to listen to lectures, but also to pay 40 yuan to deposit 50 yuan. Mr. Wang said, the soybean milk machine, electric kettle, small appliances, prices are as high as 400 yuan to 500 yuan, the old people to pay the deposit, seminar organizers to dispel their any menace from the "rear", also promised to can not refund returns hk business gift.

Yesterday, the last day of the lecture, the number of car sales of goods, this group of people will be full of the empty one, left in a hurry. He wan Zhen, however, some of the elderly will soybean milk machine is opened, but the product is found to have signs of rust hk gift premium.

As a cheap, it has suffered a greater loss. Mr. Wang saw many living in the home in front of the elderly have lied, hoping to experience alert elderly consumers, not because of a little interest, fall into the hands of fraudsters well-designed trap.
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The structure of the engine

Solar term door is a controllable throttle control valve air into the engine, after entering the air inlet pipe and the gas mixture into combustible gas mixture, thus burning work. It is connected to the air filter, then under the engine block, known as the throat of automobile engine. Solar term door dba5a06dk with traditional cable and electronic solar term door two, the traditional engine solar term door control mechanism is through the cable ( soft wire ) or rod, one end connected to the accelerator pedal, the other end is connected with solar term door interlocking plate work. Electronic solar term door mainly through the solar term door position sensor, according to the engine energy required, control solar term door opening angle, thereby regulating the amount of inlet air fly-mouse.html premiumngifts.com/hk-business-gift.html.

Classification of solar term door

The types of electronic solar term door with electro-hydraulic type, linear electromagnet, stepper motor and the DC servo motor type four kinds, but electrohydraulic and step motor type because of the control accuracy is not high, the linear electromagnetic is because the required electric power consumption, are rarely used in auto, DC servo motor it is very good to overcome the above two kinds of circumstances, which is widely used in automobile. In addition, solar term door also need to be changed regularly, the length of time depends mainly on the quality of air filter, oil quality, vehicle traffic and other factors premiumngifts.com/hk-executive-gift.html.

Solar term door maintenance

Reason for the formation of solar term door dirt from oil steam, followed by the particles in the air and water, that is in the use of qualified air filter and remove the crankcase ventilation tube case, gear motor solar term door dirty speed will slow a lot. The crankshaft box built-in crankshaft, connecting the oil bottom below, this part of the work at the temperature of 100 DEG to 180 DEG. Oil heat will be volatile in use, use the longer, the higher the temperature, the more highly volatile, plus the cylinder compression gas will through the gap of piston ring is extruded to the crankcase, so there must be a channel off the gas, otherwise the oil bottom will form a positive pressure ( please see " the Night Stalker " specific circumstances ). The crankcase ventilation tube connected to the cause of solar term door on the one hand is the requirement of environmental protection, on the other hand is on the air pressure from the crankcase exhaust gas. Oil vapor arrives when the intake pipe cooling, the oil will be condensed in the inlet and solar term door, then steam mixed deposits will be deposited in these areas, because the solar term door opening gap maximum air flow, small space, the gas temperature at the end of this part, so the most easy condensation pc-remotes.html.

Therefore, solar term door will depend on how long the dirty air filter quality, using oil brand, quality, road traffic condition, air temperature, engine temperature, driving habits and other aspects. Even if the individual concerned, nor can determine cleaning throttle time fixed in miles, car cleaning the first solar term door the longest interval, due to the crankcase ventilation tube and the inlet of the condensate oil and gas, cleaning frequency will increase, and the different weather will also affect the speed of throttle dirt premiumngifts.com/hk-advertising-premium.html.

Fault solar term door


Electric solar term door which can be roughly divided into the following parts: a throttle valve, electromagnetic actuator, potentiometer, controller ( and some not, directly from the ECU tube, the by-pass valve. The fault feature is divided into two categories: hard and soft faults. Hard fault refers to mechanical damage, soft fault of dirty, disorder airmouse.html.

Hard fault

Resistance of potentiometer is sprayed with a layer of carbon membrane in polyester substrate and into, this 12 volt dc motors is actually a very preliminary preparation, wear-resisting degree is not high. It is not our usual add potentiometer! Sliding contact by the claw a row of fine steel structure, attention! Is the claw! It is one disaster after another! In addition, carbon film on a protective agent are not put off the charcoal powder, resulting in poor contact, lighting is inevitable! Once took a carbon membrane was scraped leakage, is seventy thousand kilometers, that means foot also owe!

Soft fault

You are often plagued by cleaning solar term door, the reason is most of the time, solar term door opening is too low. Air at very high speed ( tens to hundreds of meters / sec ) through the solar term door gap, influence of dust accumulation on the air flow over the ability to regulate the solar term door.
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Have you accompany

Long time no write

It is difficult in the pen about nature, come very naturally think of those things, it's hard to those who think that happiness, sadness, since that don't care about the things one one records in the writing, recording on a scrap of paper, dba2a06dk not from the record in every hour and moment notebook ... ...

Learn to read a record is something slightly, then I do not know why keep just one day after thinking, met the person I like, together we read our past talked about our past may not have his only me but it is not important important thing we happiness now.

High school has a few good partner, also do not know whether they are good, there is no hope, only hope is that they are good, if not contact also hope that they are good.

Maybe after we met, sit together chatting, chatting chatting, perhaps no topic, will become very quiet, but we may be together happy, we still like before, she told me just, I still have the cheek against him to hold her Oh maybe squeezed her child's small nose.

Thank you very much for they always accompany me those days, they let me know, people need to pay to have the harvest ... ...

College entrance examination after the end of the students be jubilant attended the graduation party go oh I, I really don't know what is the meaning of this party, itself is not a well man, together also not what, say, I also felt that I was not good. I don't know why so indifferent,
china study perhaps is the heart.

Remember that morning after graduation, I also just light and they said goodbye, he does not return home.

Really, really want you, even if no longer together, also hope that they are good ... ...
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