Waiting for my Mr. Right to dance with the

Meet the bonfire night, became cheerful child, jumping up and down the dance, stretching limbs, wish all handouts to the sky a little warmth.

That swings around the spring smile, beaming posture against each other in the snow Hair Transplant Surgery, holding hands, become warped move feet kicked up snow silence, sing a song, and notes should be up and down to the fire, very hot feeling lingering amorous feelings.

Hu's uncle, with a string, vicissitudes of life as a spectrum, vertical and horizontal ditch is deep meaning, his finger told me that all the blessings of the world is pure as the snowflake, not cast a shadow, when the eagle fly without wild rats as the footprints, eagles shadow can cover of white light, the footprints can step on the path of love.

ShenPo the cloud on his head, the white towel under kindly bursting bud, is that next year will be able to meet the joy of hope overflow hill of purples, hope a butterfly flew over the sea, cast the seeds will be in the rain, harvest fruit, look at the joy of growth, realizes continue life after feeling. I saw her eyes in the blue sky, the endless hope and endless blessings, looking forward to is a kind of waiting, such as static set in stone particles, be lonely wind roar, the loneliness of the heavy rain deceives the democratic, just waiting for the other mountain swallow does, such as the ray flash, then have a reason to come out. She just took me by the hand, studied and studied, the warmth of a piece of sea, the sky over and over.

Small partners to leave the horse riding, bows and arrows collection beside the saddle, the cunning fox poked around in the mountains, dare not to crush flat road, heard on high notes, in the darkness of the world in a charming colors of flowers, the little light, and to balance spring in a small village just happy, strong and small partners body, dance and the tender feelings.

Girl sang folk songs, the whole mountain wild insects hibernate in awoke, curiosity rising and falling of the north wind is so comfortable, mistook the wind warm surface, flower blossoms is girl's face.

But, my groom, you again how very all over the sky, such as the universe in this night, not a trace of light, I wear towel woven for what you are, I apply makeup yan is the capacity for you, all my happiness is for your eyes smile and the world hong thai travel, you lean on sword out of accounts, is close to love, or block the hatred.

Some brute beasts deep in the desert, but will howl through dense forest, across the top of the mountain snow, make public domineer over to drive the overhanging rock fall, shock the whole world to the foot of the mountain.

Flying hooves broke mountain originally can write love letter, also surprised the bug of drunken do dream, that one didn't wait for the seeds of spring breeze, are being ruthlessly crush, she can't wait until the future, is it?

I know, the eagle is the beast in the air, flying in the dark, peck for perfect life, and the beasts of the forest, his arrogance arrogance, including wood of a tree, a flower or grass is mind, and be greedy of the sky to the earth to the posture of every grain of sand, singing and dancing are magical in their heart, will make it happen the magic of nature, ended abruptly after I heard the sounds of singing, the sound is the wild wind valley howl, was issued to hail fell on the grass roof in winter break.

Uncle the bright colors of white to dye the color, red mutually with fire, whose sword broken string urheen, whose spear to Pierce the stillness of the night sky, pops up landslide snow falls, the rolling down the disaster, god can predict, unfortunately this time?

Small group of son of a horse at the foot of the mountain, like a man, a deep sleep sleep wake up without thought, it beneath the flowers of a wave, and gradually spread open to, the flower enchanting like magic, can reveal the shadow of death, a little, little by little away from it, that is the soul of it, rose in the air, look at your body, and spooky: world, helpless and indifference.

The sword beside the horses, small partners with the trunk, close to each other, but what, is not routed between a rope, no time to take life jian bo's anger.

ShenPo eyes were grey clouds, to over the helpless and sad feelings, she let go of my hands, cold warm moment, standing in the far away from me on the fire, I looked at her warm shadow, think of my childhood so much, and the only warmth from orbit gradually.

My lang, how do I fuzzy eyes can't see you anymore, even if you bash elbows set purpose stand alert waiting outside in my account, how can you cover the tempests of the eagle beast, I just want to listen to your calls with a whistle, and a look at the sky, my hands are empty, I wait for you have the heaven and earth, I of the heavens and the earth everywhere desolate, why wait for your irrigation thirst, you sleep in my account, even at the instant of the fall without looking back at my one eye, I thought of moss bridled, from then on I thought from the phase huan, seize the day but some reason left me a bad cold, leave my grief days shortage. Remember yesterday, before you smile with me, be with flowers and plants, to the snow mountain, you said the last day for a long time with the daily evening empty sort have gone to fly to your soul.

I would like to with you go to, look up, you laugh trembled into beautiful flowers in the air, held out his hand to touch, but cold water, do you cry? You should know nu skin hong kong, recently, I have no tears, not far, our promise will come true.

At that time, my lang, you need not swords, I wouldn't worry about it.

The beast and those in the mountains make big? Way home in the landscape, in addition to the vast boundless night and way in the snow, and can't see the head of the winter, will see a leaf falls cliff, carefree and easy, like a piece of auspicious clouds floating in the air, waiting for my Mr. Right to dance with the.
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In tears

Gently, gently, night coming from one side of the day to come; Quietly, quietly, the stars out of first quarter moon smile; Slowly, slowly Dream beauty pro, the month shed tears of stars...

In tears, or the residual of the sunset, but sad not too gorgeous. It is gently point on the horizon, give the wandering homesick and miss a reason and a suitable environment; To a dying old man count time interval; A quiet moment to young people young. Tears points to a gorgeous, mixed with joy or sadness, or touched, painted a picture to let a person tender, decorate a kind of special shock. In silence, out of a setting sun.

In tears, or that all over the sky star, exquisite but not too bright. Stars slowly flowing, tears gently twittering, tells the story of the dream-seeker young, the young girl's heart. Their cheeks to falling in the night, slowly condenses into crystalline, but no one to wipe away Dream beauty pro, one after another, compose in the month of eyelash, glowing with a moving orchestra.

In tears, or the whereabouts of the dew. Stars would eventually, descended from heaven, and drop on the branches and leaves and flowers, playing in the corner, near the roof fall in the wind flowing water, still waiting for the light touch, is predestined friends the human skirts were absorbed by people, into nutrients and awaken the sleepy traveler, urged him to quickly set off on a new journey...

Tears never flow for sorrow, because moved down not desolate, but warm. That month shed a bright star night, illuminating the darkness in the face of the man. Shedding tears is the feeling of nature, is the life of calm, is a simple and quiet electrical desk. Look! Smile, laugh out of tears. The butterfly in my free shuttle loom; A dragonfly on the surface of the light swept through, the surface once more ripples. Butterfly the comfortable, the light, let me envy, let me once in a very long while can't forget.
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The so-called sigh

For two days, doing the boring, sleep, stunned, access to the Internet, don't know what to do, also don't know what to do, but do not want to do in my heart, ideological struggle constantly, constantly overthrow all thinking as a result, adjustable desk let yourself calm, as far as possible let oneself as far as possible reason, yesterday, sitting there quietly, never move a step, looked that has attended the movie "the willow," xinxin, two hours, sighs, admire, admire, commonplace in his nerve, a woman, especially a quite brilliant beside qinhuai woman, in front of the person you love, hidden in the dark, in the face of his betrayal, silent but also natural and unrestrained and easy, meet again after so many years, still affects the heart, only friendship is different, all come to an own memories. To see all the fickle world, again see style with sleeve, she make the promise of his life, with poetry, with hostile, with enemies, TongShengSi. Envy is not enough to express in words to her, she can in order to own solar terms, abandon life, in order to own happiness, to strive for, and myself, don't say what integrity, in terms of single from his own life on hold, can't get full operation, yu wei said, I since the childhood is the well-know by family, so leave the family, I confused about what to do, is right, I don't deny that no matter what, first of all, I don't want to let them sad, they spoil me love me not let me grow up and then pat wings flew away, I want to have my responsibility, if it were just a few years younger, perhaps, I would be very willing to very willing to implement that plan, but, now, completely different.

Two days ago, dad called and said, you are not home, electrical desk will feel home atmosphere is not so good, maybe my position is not as important as in the home, but just because a word from the parents, I will change my all plan, it's not because I obedient, but even if I have I have to do a little bit of filial piety, filial piety, the word is not so easy to do by chance someone ask me what is filial piety, I choked. Yes, what is the true filial piety, is against the big unfilial, isn't it? I know I don't have the courage, I don't want to see, because my on impulse, lead to parents feel dejected, although doomed to hurt, then I had to choose the person who hurt me also don't want to hurt, because parents from for nothing on their own, they just want to see their children's health safety and happiness, of course, is in the heart of their happiness, and have tried to reverse their concept of happiness, but not success, so I will no longer do this kind of useless, I am willing to in order to parents, ruined his own happiness road, I know, this is very unfair, for himself and useless, but I have no other choice.

People, perhaps, for your initial feelings is particularly want to stay, because really, because of the pure, because they have no interest, because there is no gain and loss, all for the wonderful, once cried, silly, fantasy, entanglements, even then, still retains a sincere blessing in, maybe someone will think xia yuhe commendation is very cute, but I disagree, "waiting for a lifetime, hate my whole life, because all his life, want to for a lifetime, but still thank god, let me have the can, etc, hateful, can blame, can think of adjustable desk." Have a can miss the person is happy, leaving only good is the eternal hope, for a long time. I often obsession in the past, and constantly thinking about the past, maybe more, like film, firmly attached to the head, can't be removed, I also don't want to let time dilute my thoughts, I need to have a can miss memories, have an own secret memory, as the heart-pounding step by step inside said, since then, I was wandering in the world of I and he only, no one disturb, only laugh, the world much good, but who can break all the world, let me be? Countless times imagined something ridiculous, but ultimately can only like chuang tzu's dream, I do not know oneself exactly is who, maybe a lot of times, because of something that is not possible, is free to be in the dream time, whatever I want, I have to wake up from dream, face the reality, to face everything.

Say hello to parents to get up early, and then was told that someone get married today, call her happiness comes into the air, bless her, also sigh for himself, not his horizon high, but because of who I am keep the so-called lofty are all for one, has he, is a sunny day, even in the dream, wake up will still giggle after half a day, in fact, now the age is not time to himself, but still will always show the naive, I always wanted to control their own, but always after each inadvertently reveal a dreamy thoughts like tell yourself that there is no next time, but always break your word, but a dream, after all, is a dream, I never want it can become a reality, if I get, will hurt the people, so I choose to hurt his heart, off the road, and, of course, it is inevitable that double damage. If there is next life cycle, I will make a promise, this life in the future can only to meet with you, to enjoy life with you. Only this life, I have my unfinished duty, you will also have, and then only, only for the afterlife.
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