The distance with the bird

Bird is a symbol of my life, can have wen wan's moving voice, there can be a riot of color, can have a majestic artificial... Any a kind of attitude, is artificially stretch the freedom, not to herald the lofty idea, began in the life, the end to life, Dream beauty pro chasing the meteor change into grey dogs., along with the setting sun.

A bird of the long

Seen a bird in a book named wave plover, is one of the Japanese kimono dark grain, there is a waka, sings "if evening wave plover of nights", I can imagine plover scene of spectacular, in dark monstrous between in and out thousands of waves on the sea, swam across the sky, broken sky, fearless the stormy waves, only for sports, this is a kind of ponder and grasp of life, of a circle is its plot, joys and sorrows is the expression of it, Dream beauty pro the cloud volume yi shu is its natural and unrestrained.

A bird on the paper

Remember weighed in those days, there is always a bird of the night with me. Sunshine, through a glass, send out a QiSeGuang mans, mapping on the paper, the yellow bird jumping on a paper, sway spent in my eyes, it just like that and it ran into my life, in the dark, I rode my bicycle fast moving, it also changes with the my body of ups and downs, like to get rid of the bondage, towards the endless night sky.

Shi bird

At that time always fascinated with a bird, the bird under oath, zhang yueran so shi bird is a symbol of the bird, the inside of the girl spring late like the bird on memory fixation with unyielding faith, gump vowing suffering from the effects of the drift from place to place looking for in the past.

Lone bird

The solitary life of a monk, flute ship wander in the sea, Dream beauty pro the sun also rises from sea level, sea infects the taste of sunshine, the points of salty and fresh. Often at this time there is gray bird mouth stick on the surface of the low flying shuttle, across the sky, scar the gray of the track. Some fly tired, then insert a wooden stick in the midst of the sea, after a while, docked at the perches on a stick and stick in mouth continued to fly, so reciprocating cycle of endless, seems to have a kind of magic, a kind of heart, to the boundless sky.

A beautiful bird

Legend has a bird, a lifetime only sing a song, after they leave the nest has been looking for belong to its thorn tree, and only in the thorn tree they can sing, until the thorns ruthless through their bodies, mixed into the song "blood" is one of the world's most beautiful beautiful language, even by the god, but also life for him, in the beautiful, Dream beauty pro with all my heart, in full bloom the flower of life is.

At this point, the birds than birds.
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That one day

Tears, quietly, mapping out the residual red lodge, fell on the ground and broke up into a tiny tears, glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, the sunglow red, gathered in every tear, more and more strong, color, almost black. The atmosphere is becoming more and more bleak. In the end, Dream beauty pro that tears, disappeared in the darkness. One by one.
I met you, it's too late. Friendship is deep, I like to bully you, like call hello bullying, the expression of bulging like to see you. Like to listen to you call my sister. Like to silently bless you, just two years, the graduation season, is coming. One called don't give up the mood, brewing in the air...
Compared with you, the girl is shining like the sun, I am more like a dim star, Dream beauty pro hard sell only dare to hide in the dark night, shed little light, I dare not, you make friends in dry. I really good afraid of, my darkness, polluted your pure knot.
I, is left after all, I on the end of the stranger. I will hide myself, hard heart, tell you, you have no price, I don't need. Is there someone will know, my heart with menstrual cramps curled up.
On the night of that day, the day red scary, sunrise reflected under the landing of the tears, fell. As dusk arrived, disappear in between heaven and earth.
That a night, but it is not a star, only round against the sun, scattered the pale light of the moon, people say that holy moonlight, the nobility, the goddess of the moon quietly elegant, I feel funny, but that a pale white, but the sun to shine on a local, but is a greedy even regardless of the situation. Where do noble elegant about it? This moment, Dream beauty pro hard sell just understand oneself is the moon, the stars are bleak, but remain independent, and I? I lost you, just like the bleak moonlight. Lonely and sad.
Corners of the mouth radian, the greater the more broadly, looking at the day, raised his hand, wipe away the tears, eyes on the strong, but still is worth but the impact of the tears, in front of the line of sight again touch the paste, six years, Dream beauty pro was tube understand his position at a time. But will have the final statue, hit no remnant. This piece of day, who is the one who broke the read?
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In the season

Always want to let life stumbles, a person to travel long distances. On the same day feel the season conversion, realize with the ease of travel in the season.
That kind of feeling has some blurred. Sitting in the train bound for shandong, looking at the window, distant mountains near the tree quickly pass from sight. Want to remember a moving scenery, but too many things to see, even memory load Dream beauty pro.
It was the winter in the north, snow, frozen to the bone. Window "dancing silver snake among snowing mountains, original chi wax like". As the train travel, shanhaiguan in hebei, and see all green, spring wheat qingqing. Out of the wilderness boundless green to be from the winter spring shock the moment of change.
Listen to train rumbling noise on the Yellow River bridge, watched the bridge of the Yellow River pentium east flow, heart also has the waves surging sea, not have a "Yellow River water heaven, pour into the sea no longer back to" the sadness.
Always like the season of the north and the south. When the poplar or green momentum in the north, shandong poplar leaves have the wind wave show. Carefully remove several oil tender poplar leaf, clip in the book into a dried leaf. Sent to friends in the north, and needless to say, the other party has known the meaning. I hope that tender feelings, pure green forever.
Every time I read online travel essays and will be attracted to her journey in the city, the heart has been as she walk in the mountains and plains of the brush. Description gives birth to a wisp of difficult to express gratitude for her.
Enjoying the southland friends of the photo. Snowcapped, colorful, lush green inside. A look at the surrounding, the spring is just waking up from the winter's arms. Really want to say thanks to a friend, is he let me see the early spring, can let my heart in the season. In xiao suo, deep eyes are green.
A: blue girl from far in xinyang, henan province, gave me a mail to more than ten books. With a SAN MAO essays "flowers in the dream".
To tell you the truth: I don't like SAN MAO's words, Dream beauty pro though well written and easy, but is too sad to read, let a person have depressive feeling out of breath. But for SAN MAO is a traveller, attract, I followed her sadness of the brush to understand her life. My thoughts will come to the canary islands of the sea, watching the endless coast, sea gulls fly in lonely. A red house on the coast, still stands in the starry night, carrying too many kinds of joys and sorrows.there inside. Also felt the Sahara desert wild and bold and unrestrained, desolation and loneliness.
The envy of SAN MAO's whereabouts, more admire her personality contacts all over the world. At the foot of SAN MAO, the world becomes blurred the seasons. Readers' vision is vast, have "sit day eight miles, survey one thousand river" it looks like a relief Dream beauty pro.
In reality, need travel is economic foundation. Everyone will have different stumbles, family and career. Some things are just to think about. Really out of their homes, with no attachments to travel, I'm afraid not. So free and easy travel walker, is in my life.
We have to follow the season of life, from spring to summer, from the autumn winter alive. Is a helpless, but it also has somewhat relieved, because in the end of the world in the space of friends, some even has become the relatives of the heart. I will use the vision of a friend, to abundance of my heart, boring life, also can instantly to observe the changing seasons. Man is not to go out for a bit and enjoy the landscape of the world proud Dream beauty pro.
Whether through in the season of life, or through the space and time of the season, a friend accompany, has the family member to miss, is the most regret thing.
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