No happy ending

"The most romantic thing I can think of is to grow old with you, along the way little drops of the collections laughter, until later sat rocking chair slowly chat Dream beauty pro."

Most of the time, I like a person quietly sitting on the wooden mountain, north district and then use headphones to listen to Jacky's song, turn your back on the west of the sunset, dragging a long shadow, looking at the foot of the road on the people, come and go, very lively.

Autumnal cold, ZhangZi ground, maple leaf red makeup today for who? Autumn came, and another year autumn, familiar feeling, in the previous year at the moment, I am also a person sitting in this place, not look at the foot of flowing population, not enjoy the picturesque scenery, but with a MP4 watch can't believe the ending of the those years, together we overtake girl. This time last year, I am still a person in this place, looking at a still let I can't believe that the end of the "youth". Today at this time, I'm here to see is "Jane's you". When going to look at the others writing reviews of these movies, only to find that someone says they are all the puppets of fate, is fate play with in the palm of your hand, clearly in love, but finally break up, when you carefully to think about their encounter, you will find that they are actually very lucky, and they are happy, they never regret to have loved.

Watching the movie box office high, only to find that fate always so cruel to playing tricks on people. It seems every one from campus romance cannot complete the walk to the end, the original author and Shen Jiayi, thought in the end they will have a happy ending, there will be a let me see the final play to the end of the blessed them in my heart, but did not. To the back of the Zheng Wei and Lin, let I thought the university campus is the most pure love, don't break up of be in love, is now broken into foam atop the eyes. And shortly before the show, "Jane's you" linyi and week small Zhi, one party to another party give up the opportunity, the other party no longer turn back HKUE ENG
Dream beauty pro

Vaguely remember don't know where to see such a words: "some road, only a person walk. Those who offer good colleagues, together with the rainy season, through a time of life, but one day will eventually in a ferry discrete. The world of mortals on the safety, walk alone, other rustled skirt, qingyun wet promise. The mountain and water can be two two phase forget, day and month had nothing to do. At that time, only one float world QingHuan, break a person." When one day in the face of this sentence, I don't know if we have the joy the grief, if so, whether we should stick to the end, stick to the last that accompany with us to the old man?

Reminded me of a Teresa teng song "the most romantic thing", the two sentences I like best: the most romantic thing I can think of, is grow old with you together, along the way little drops of the collections laughter, until later sat rocking chair slowly chat. It is the most romantic thing I can think of to grow old with you together, until we are too old to where also can't go, you still treat me like a hand in the mind of the treasure. Once like changing the lyrics to "grow old" changed to "selling computers", now think of it really admire his imagination at that time.

When one day serious to see the world, look at the campus of infatuated love, only to find that a lot of that is disappointing. The graduation season every year, night is cool such as water, but in the north of well this deep and dark and desolate road, still can see the two lovers in the road for a small grass, crying, sorrow, once the inseparable, once the vows of eternal love, once promised, at this time so that she discovered at that time said.

"Just because not appropriate, break up break up just because the next better", don't know what this is a great god said love, so amir Johnson, who know the break up, the next will be better? Perhaps the breakup, is precisely what will the man missed the best. If it really was the next best, why start this one? If the next will be the best, this time, why you be in someone's life a visitor? If the next best, you why again this time for him to stay in your footsteps? May be lost for a long time, just can have this sentence.

Maybe read for a long time "hand, and son xielao", or heard of the "mountain without edges, heaven and earth together, is a must-jun and dare", or "if you leave, I will life and death dependent", only to find that it is also happiness.

Many years ago, left his hometown went to guangzhou, like snow forgotten himself, had no snow, but many years later, back home after long, when I see this a snowflake again slowly falling down from the sky, falls in this bustling world, all of a sudden all quiet down, jiang tianyi color, red walls and bai causeway, don't make public, don't mad, what color of the snow, already become no longer bright, has been all about the snow.

Each time the next met snowflakes, if can and his beloved woman, with her quietly walking on the streets of the unmanned, looked at the flying snow, a piece of a piece of falling, watching hexagonal petals slowly falls on our shoulders, not dozen umbrella, don't do any shade, so always go, grow old together, so life, also is enough!

Happiness, sometimes is really very simple. People like themselves, while walking down a country lane, look at the scenery around, smell the rice fragrant flowers, which flies in the distance, the in the mind is satisfied, or in a maple leaf, such as Dan's season, and their favorite people sit in the lake, looking at pieces of maple leaf in the air is shattered, it is also happy, or more simple to get started holding hands in the street, a chat, this also is happiness.

Such a life, happiness, is enough!
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Life is so

I don't know who we will meet, I will know who in the future. How many episodes my journey, I smile, who will be accompany me laugh, when I cry HKUE ENG, who accompanied me cry together, when we die, who will have to shed tears for me.

We have the turnoff for too much this lifetime. May be a rain, may be a snow, is probably a tornado. They are always trying to put us apart. In fact, life is a road, the universe gives us intersections and terminal, intersection is born that day, terminal is then, one day. Seems god arrange we too simple, but little imagine, in fact, we are in a maze, no, is in the midst of "the sea", then we are not "pearl". To start, we are a combative challenger, we've agreed together to reach the finish line.

For we are just beginning to accompany for, for the purpose of us is that haven't seen the mountain, we said in the mountains, I took you, you took me, culturelle at that time we haven't seen a tiger, a local image, please upload again we say, see the tiger, we can feign death, at that time we haven't seen the sea, and we say, see the sea, we can from the cliff diving, at that time we haven't seen shells, we say, see the shells, we give each other a string necklace. We say...

We said a lot, you said, this is the secret between us. That day, at some point all of a sudden you disappeared from my eyes, just a moment, people who are still alive, into the air. When I really reach out and just found that it was a dream. "Beautiful dream".

We are very proud that a lot of our journey is the existence of each other, actually... Standing on the same starting point people are more likely to go their separate ways, because as grew up, with the experience, we all think that is a beginner to the behavior of fools. Used to say that good what good fantasy, are all future implementation plan couldn't catch up with change.

Some people, no matter how long gone the same way, but is always about displacement difference before and after, can't get a plane. Some people, is just a white horse gap time, brief encounter. So, people begin to choose maybe beginners forced choice, on the way to the terminal, total want to discard something, because it's more convenient to look for a better fit to his own, and then have, initial became a stranger, he is near, it is awkward phase forget, he and his ever of I, I had him, and I now remember only name and shape and in the past culturelle, six words. We have been pick up has been lost. Feel the heart is not really a people can believe in. Think much, want too much. Much more concerns and thoughts.

"The most beautiful treasure in life, it is the past, while the poor only happy, wearing old clothes."
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And not to miss

Night is deep, the autumn wind gently, the moonlight is strong. That wave not to miss, gentle, gentle in my heart all wrapped around, far-away place of you, Dream beauty pro have a good time?

I always follow your shadow in the memory, often think of once youth frivolous, often think of reefs were kept a dream. In the moonlight, the beach, and let the breeze is blowing through, blow my hair, while allowing the waves gently pat my feet mix, wet my skirt, let, laughter flying through the night.

Always in such a scenario to pursue, to enjoy, if, when I can stick to the oath, perhaps, it will not be missing for more than twenty years struggling entangled. If, that is not my capricious, at sunset, we will walk on the seashore, on a rainy day, we will be at the window the rain, under the month, will make a pot of fragrant teas together slowly to taste, to play a tune, sing a song, the scene must be very happy, very romantic. Just such a scene in my mind, again and again repeat, let me drunk in the dream again and again, again and again to you.

All this, however, is just a dream, I do miss the fate, just like miss the flowers, missed as a result, how again? I know, this life, no longer have each other. But in my heart still have a hint of sadness and missing let me linger.

I like the author jia cuo to write a poem: "you read or not read me, my feeling is there, not to not to go." I often get drunk in his poem, Dream beauty pro always thinking, you see, or see me, I was there, not sad not pleased.

I spent more than 20 years of time to miss you, with more than a decade of time to find you, Buddha said: everything is all, all is the fate, a chance meeting, may looking back, destined to each other's life. Outstanding maybe we love, the search for more than 10 years, life of watch, will let me see you in the boundless huge crowd may look back and eye of the moments, my heart was touched you, in addition to have a surprise, there's still a little pain.

I used to pray, this life, if one day, can let me find you, I want to let you hold my hand, give me a warm hug, let I close my eyes, on your shoulders, smell your breath and enjoy a sweet happiness.

Whether you, as I also like this missing? If, once resentment I had left quite suddenly and had gone? Whether to have my tracks have been looking for? When every time I think of this, my heart will be a little bit of pain, thinking about thinking, tears will not obedient Dream beauty pro.

When in that day, I saw you in the crowd back, finally looking back at once you inadvertently doomed this life, we meet again.

Hope the flame was lit, eager to see your mood is disingenuous. Original thoughts have been unable to let my mood calm, and in this way, listen to music, miss you over and over again.

The distance of leaf shadows, leaves dancing rocking, I seemed to hear them whispering, the moonlight, you strong I strong. All say, love the deeper, the longer the love, so miss to you, whether it has been form the long shadow? I remember the author jia cuo wrote this poem: "the January, I moved all the tube, not to turn, only to touch your fingertips. That I, revolving around mountains turn water turn pagoda, HKUE ENG not for repairing the afterlife, just to meet with you on the way".

I often touched in his poem, miss, perhaps is a cup of bitter coffee, have a thick fragrance, sese also has a bitter taste. I drink coffee without sugar, even bitter, but still want to taste, the bitter sweet, like wisps of the thoughts I have for you, has a bitter taste, but the feeling is more strong.
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