See the future is a piece of grass green

Like sunny days, because it is always suitable for sentimental person darting thoughts. A person only lean on the window, holding a cup of green tea, wearing a pair of headphones, listening to the familiar and unfamiliar melody, let the wind gently brushed face, nu skin hong kong let your thoughts in the sky fly out of the window.

Erase the memory of the dust, ever to emerge in the eyes of all, whether it's the elegance of the fog, mist in the rain, or the warm of the sun, or a gentle breeze. Inadvertently, the mouth cape have bend the arc.

That year, although it was very young, though young, the youth has lost, how many times have, the aperture of strayed into a dream. There, rowing and canoe under the waves, far staring at it always meant, but pond lu can only watched you fang dust away. Maybe, the world's most remote distance is not life and death, but the distance between the heart and heart. That year, snow stirred up cold plum the lonely heart and was turned away, nu skin leaving only the cold plum ground of tenderness and sorrow. Dream is the most easy to wake up, but that a glimpse of the scene is engraved in the heart...

At that time, we are also very young, with a full blood, set foot on the journey of life. At that time, no matter the front is a raging river, steep mountains, or the land of the thorns, and always high-spirited, opine, encouraging words, to win. Now evening what evening, the scenery along the way, meet to know each other mutually leave again, have a, have a little lonely. However, we all grew up, learned to cool, learned to see Wan Shangong times.

Refers to the quicksand, between blurs the who's time? Who did the flute in the wind, the old face?

Youth always inadvertently gone with the wind, passing in the corner of the campus, the north wind roar, dies in the long, long and lonely rain lane hong thai travel. Youth is always lost to time, once the oath of the ages. We have changed, such as the mountain slopes of the stones, are among the top touch wear off the fangs. Our journey of life, will have a choice.

The past can not pass all the past, finishing up the messy thoughts, brave to face life. Step to the new time step to see the future is a piece of grass green.
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Don't part with gentle

Look up at the endless grey clouds, the season is called loneliness. Way to start a backpack filled with household, road walk.

I don't know when to start the fear of the station, wharf, airport, strangely. Because there is always carrying a person is too much fragile emotions. Or not with the eyes of nostalgia and went through the farewell smile tears as burst its Banks after the turn. Perhaps parting is in order to better meet again next time.

I like to use finally, finally had a holiday, to finally leave here. As if all the lights and go their separate ways is a relief. Many schoolmates had on me to go out to work, after they got the news of the work was not so easy, the true, no one is easy. They suffered in strange collective all people's eyes, is exhausted. But they still insist on down, in order to resolve.

Far from home, are turning into autumn moon. But I do like the falling leaves falling in your heart. I always believe that no matter how long the sun get the tree's shadow, it always and root. Here I just want to whether people go out to work far from home, or face, respectively, the classmates said immediately, no matter how bitter, don't give up gently.
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The existence of the sad

HunCanCan lights, as the existence of the cabin, depressing the bitterness, let a person want to go quickly.

Nature is not adobe fence, but always a little more sleepy HKUE amec. You green glass lock is the small family point of view, perhaps this is not enough, male host added is a bigger glass, extra added so let a person of the green, then the abnormal condition, is not normal to perfection. Small house added a green glass filter after the yellow, let a person more chaotic, line, I don't know.

The man's insecurity is frightening, but let the family feel deep there is a danger. The host back occasionally and mostly the hostess, homemaking children outside the school, nor come back every day with your family's advocate, have what way? Fear, fear, firmly holding their heart. Neighbours have a year is a hand pockets of others, that is to beware of the well, the hostess always told her daughter. Village west happened rape, so be sure to lock the door when you leave at home, and check several times, you go to sleep at night with some surprise, so so. In short, in the home of the dark, they don't have a sense of security, also always mouth muttered "this times, ah ~" expressed their helpless and regret to the government.

And sealed with the front, spread a piece of asbestos shingle roof is, large backyard unattended, camera in the corner to spy out, alarm in earnest, diligent. The hostess's bedroom has a sword, by the way, is to kill the bad guys. In addition, the technology of NongGuRen hid money is very impressive, if during the period of Anti-Japanese War, HKUE ENG what is important to protect a intelligence, I believe NongGuRen is will be very good to complete the task, they may hide in the toilet, a stone which clothes cupboard in my pocket, or in which long not clay pot.

Is in such a drift away in the heaven and earth in the life of a family of four, they Bai Tiankai which the window of the night is must be sealed, one thousand is the very point back met bad people touched the wall, that's cry dad shout, all change don't come back, so never carelessness may not in all things. In spite of this, an inner room is to turn on the light during the day, wet and dark pour into the full space here.

Small courtyard is not to open the door, the hostess to absolve borrow the dog, is afraid of the dog bite at such a time, in a word, only the family to go out, very few people to the home visits. Their big chatted with, of course, may be you unexpected, is like a play three bitch, a bitch you guys can let off day in the home, that is, of course, does not fit in the home, also good now is summer, so as to enjoy the cool to vomit vomit recently city is a big event of uplifting. Combined with using shieldtox artemisia rendering, fruit have made in heaven happy ah.

Also want to know, like the above also seldom happy, only the hostess leisure, daily, in the home, the son of daughter is not go out. It really is on the school, the less the greater the child would like to chat with their neighbors, really has the feeling of so near. Actually sometimes I don't blame the children, go out saw it, they would have a topic, say you, compliment or derogatory or see their ideas. His mouth is the experience for many years, not the average person can parrying, although just gossiping and, up to you, but the idea is to make you uncomfortable, straight to flee ignominiously.

Already was on pins and needles in the home, but the hostess or host they don't let the children go out in the fields of corn on the cob grow to kill HKUE ENG, because their aim is to put the children at home, which can't go to, afraid of bad people on the road outside interception, fear of death......, they are can't afford to bet on, so did not dare to bet. Daughter is willing to go out to play, but in their eyes, and this "crazy" is no different, afraid that her, or run away with some bad men. And they even don't want my daughter to relatives, that as long as there is a man in the home, they don't feel safe, so terrible that they can not afford to send his daughter to the Wolf.

Anyway, that is, they do, every day in the life of the nervous, fear, there is such a dismal Dream beauty pro hard sell.
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